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American Trucking Associations Management Conference & Exhibition 2020

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The ATA (American Trucking Associations) MCE (Management Conference & Exhibition) will not be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic but will instead be held as a virtual event in October of this year. This event is so invaluable to the trucking industry that it is important to make sure it takes place. It brings together people whose lives depend and thrive on the industry, and gives them a place and time where they can discuss the various policies and voice their opinions, often with the power of changing certain aspects of the industry. The event offers educational sessions and hones the various aspects of the business highlighting its significance, as well as giving leaders the chance to pass down their knowledge and experience to newcomers. The benefits of the event are manifold as we will aim to break down for you here today.


MCE is an amazing networking opportunity. With trucking being such a fast-paced industry, it is not often that anyone involved in its operations gets to communicate with similar individuals who they can learn from, share experiences with, form alliances and generally have people to discuss the future of the business who share their interests with. Additionally, it brings people together from all over America, and so those who attend get to learn what is happening in other parts of the country which is essential for the maintenance of the web of contributors in sharing and expanding within the field. With that many people from CEO’s to manufacturers, truckers to support companies and executives, this is definitely a place to meet and greet and get maximum info in the shortest amount of time.


This is a place where the newest products are exhibited, making it an exciting platform for all involved. All of those within the business are looking to ever improve, making this the perfect opportunity for them to bring something back to their company from the event. Attendees become knowledgeable about future trends, essential for the growth of their business. New technology is introduced, exciting for those always looking to advance, as well as being a place where new happenings are brought forward keeping them up to date and informed.


Almost like in an art gallery, companies from top industry manufacturers showcase an array of the latest products. This is important as it is rarely made available a place where industry professionals can get to see the full product, interact with the manufacturers and discuss potential acquisitions. The ATA MCE exhibit hall represents innovation, curiosity, creativity and generally a place for the minds behind the business operations to flourish. Carriers and suppliers can catch up and deals to improve the sphere can be on the way.

Impressive Schedule

The schedule includes some sessions which are by invitation only but for the most part all meetings, sessions and exhibitions are open for all registrants. There is no other place where people can annually improve their knowledge of the industry, network, exhibit and communicate ideas like the MCE. This is one event that shouldn’t be missed and we are happy the disruptions of the Covid-19 pandemic will not prevent this event from happening virtually.

With the MCE 2020 moto being ‘Moving Forward from Crisis to Recovery’ we can expect a lot of news, ideas and suggestions to be brought forth this year. Gathering a group of professionals eager to overcome the setbacks the pandemic has caused and move forward in a positive manner with innovation at the forefront, we can without a doubt expect an accumulation of various ways in which the industry can be brought back to it’s original level of functioning.



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