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How trucking impacts our economy; Trucks as essential to world trade

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We have been sharing our roads and highways with these vehicles for over a century. They have become a part of our everyday lives, and yet we have forgotten how important they are to our overall functioning and wellbeing. Trucks are so important that without them for the majority of us life as we know it would cease. We rely on the trucking industry to stock our grocery shops, our pharmacies, our clothing stores and to transport anything that can’t fit into a regular car. Sure, there are communities and tribes that grow their own food, who are resourceful and functional, but for the majority of us, trucking services are part of our reality and our routine.

The numbers speak boldly and in concurrence with the above stated, as 70% of all freight in the US is handled by trucks, and over 671 billion dollars’ worth of goods are transported yearly with these vehicles. The industries at the top of the pyramid making this turnover are food, healthcare, transportation, retail, manufacturing, waste removal, and banking. Trucks handle much more freight than planes, trains and ships, but even when these are necessary in the shipping of certain goods, it is trucks that bring the cargo to airports, docks and stations. They are more often than not an unavoidable link to the trade of all kinds of freight. However small or large a business may be, it will at some point or another, if not on a regular basis, require the service of a truck.

As for the logistics, trucks can deliver goods for just about any distance. They travel through cities, across the country and states, and can make transporting whatever freight you may have a breeze since there are so many of them operating. Goods can be shipped to you as quickly as within 24 hours, meeting your needs and schedules at impressive speed. They are so well organized and equipped and so often utilized that we don’t even stop to consider how it is that goods manage to get to us at the rate at which they do. Well it’s all down to skilled and controlled operation. The fact that experienced drivers are at the wheel also contribute to the swift run of freight and the delivering of it to you in good condition.

There are approximately 3.5 million truck drivers employed in the US, earning a total sum of about 30 billion dollars annually. This industry should be embraced as it offers an abundant amount of employment opportunities, keeping individuals and families cared for, as well as keeping the economy in circuit. The estimated damage to the economy if a very large number of truck drivers would go on strike would be colossal. At first fuel would become scarce and there would be general product shortages, with ATM’s running out of cash and garbage pile up being severe. Within a week automobile travel would come to a complete halt and within 2 the source of clean water would run dry. This is just on a primary level; on a secondary level it would cause problems as severe as civil unrest.

Having said this, it may be time for us to re think and finally come to a general understanding and respect towards the trucking industry. As a vital component to our functioning, we should be both more tolerant and lenient towards those who operating within it. Should we not think twice before honking at that tired truck driver or yelling at him because he is 10 minutes late to location due to heavy traffic? Should we not be polite to the customer service operator however stressful our day has been? This industry is quintessential to our wellbeing, it is time we give it credit as such.



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