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The Zero Emissions Mission; Electric Vehicles speeding their way into our future

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Some say that the entire notion Is unrealistic, farfetched at the very least, but believe it or not zero emissions vehicles are making their way into the market, and our bet is that the philanthropists amongst you are sure to already be informed and excited about their grand debut. By the end of 2020 there will be an estimated 169 medium and heavy-duty models in production compared to the 95 counted at the end of 2019. By 2023 it is estimated that the number of electric trucks on the road will be double compared to the end of 2019. By 2035 the zero emissions rule which we will elaborate on below will require that electric trucks make up 55% of medium duty sales. NACFE is being funded by The Hewlett Foundation and Climate Works, making this highly anticipated change one worthy of our attention and appraisal. The next 10 years of this mission will definitely see to positive change in our environment and alter our outlook on how it should be treated.

With regional haul on the rise, electric trucks will have a sure place to start since it is precisely here that they make the most sense, returning to base more often and more promptly, making the recharging of them easier.

California, Los Angeles specifically, has been the first to embrace and enforce this change, in an attempt to clear up air pollution. The California Air Resources board is investing 45 million dollars in Volvo Trucks and 14 others to promote their values of safety and care for the environment. California’s clean air rule has been passed and we are definitely stepping into a new era. The rule is such that truck manufacturers will have to cut their production of gas powered vehicles by more than half over the next fifteen years.

Though this will at first be an expensive venture, it is believed that in time the expenses will even out and it will instead become as cost effective as it will be environment friendly. Not only do these trucks not use fuel, but also do not have as many parts, making their maintenance cheaper. The batteries used by these vehicles are also getting cheaper with time, their price having fallen 87% since 2010. This will be an overly important turnaround in the philanthropic society as ecological impacts of warming are irreversible, and the transportation and electricity sectors account for more than half of all greenhouse gas emissions in the US. ,

The software programs and hardware to build out the needed charging infrastructure is believed to once in place bring down the costs due to their scale. Currently there are four sites in Los Angeles with a dozen chargers each. Although promising, it has proven that it is not as easy a mission at it may at first seem, since it is not only about building the trucks and creating the stations, there also need to be staff trained to service at the stations. This is not to say that building these structures and vehicles is at all easy. On the contrary, the stations are of the greatest concern, since they will be essential to keeping the trucks on the road and the entire industry moving, they have to be placed and maintained accordingly. That’s why it is estimated that regional haul will be the most realistic point of action for quite some time.

The top 8 brands to keep an eye on as this change falls into place as the first big names to be entering headfirst with this big aspiration are Volvo, Nikola Motors, Daimler Trucks, Chanje, BYD, Rivian, Workhorse and Tesla. Ford and General Motors are also expressing their commitment to the new air pollution regulation rule. These companies are aware of the fact with the severity of Climate Change, and that the trucking industry will have to minimize their noise footprint, and fast.

The marketing of these trucks will also be an interesting venture, with us having become so accustomed and so long serviced by diesel and fuel vehicles, and we all know that change may be important, necessary and inevitable, but it is never easy. Volvo’s top biding idea so far is to offer the vehicles with a single monthly lease payment that will include maintenance and insurance.

The Zero Emissions electric truck mission is one that we should all definitely be excited about and keep up with, as we embrace a cleaner, friendlier future.



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